Short Description:

The life of the 70 year old Paola Beate von Pückler, semiotition, and goat herder is the main line of this documentary. Aside from the villages, she lives in a Moor Tower inmidst the Andalusian desert, surrounded by her goats, pigs , ducks, chicken , gooses and horses.
On the steps of her great-grand uncle Fürst Hermann von Pückler – Muskau, the well known landscape architect and writer, she is traveling to the Orient - to Egypt.

She is traveling to a place she has already been before with a husband and two daughters, 39 years ago.


Back then, she had to flee from the boudaries of her marriage, caught in the golden cage of the upper colonial life and the role model of a woman that her surrounding required. At that time, she already was more emancipated than her surrounding and was radical enough to fight for her convictions.

Now, she is setting off, to meet the future in the known distance of the Orient. Like her relative she records her impressions with „the warm pen“. But suddenly she is pulled over from her own past, the trigger of her deadly illness – cancer.

Encounters with simple people, their longings and destiny – a glimse on the daily life in Egypt.

A film about life, love and death...